Best Marketing for Therapists

Marketing your mental health practice so it grows and prospers.


Marketing Your Mental Health Practice

Effectively marketing your mental health practice is critical to its success. And as an online marketing agency specializing in digital marketing for therapists, we have seen far too many cases where neglecting or underspending on marketing has negatively affected a mental health private practice.

Even the SBA says that most businesses should be devoting 7% of their gross revenue to marketing. But unfortunately, when it comes to therapist marketing, many spent far less.

SEO For Therapists

While there are many ways to grow your mental health practice, SEO offers what is considered by many to be the best return on investment (ROI) of all forms of digital marketing.

And since it’s not unusual for SEO to provide a 250% ROI (return on investment), SEO for therapists is almost always our starting point.

And local SEO, especially the Google Maps Local 3-Pack, can often result in an even greater ROI than traditional organic SEO.

The 3-Pack is a significant source of leads for any business that works with local consumers. We are also so proficient in achieving 3-Pack ranking for our clients that we can typically rank them more quickly in the 3-Pack than in organic search..

The ability to generate a significant number of leads and offer a healthy ROI to our clients are the primary reasons we specialize in local SEO and ranking our clients in the 3-Pack.

Growth Through Practice Marketing

Growth Through Practice Marketing

Some ways we can help you with marketing are easy to see. Like helping your web pages or your GMB profile rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. So that your ideal client searching for counseling can find you.

And as you probably know, that’s how the process starts. People are searching for therapy. And they find you because of an effective SEO strategy, They then become a potential client. And many of the potential clients become actual clients. Which, of course, is what helps private practices grow and prosper.

But one less obvious way is that SEO may be able to help you transition into clients better suited for your practice. This transition is possible because a well-designed SEO campaign carefully selects keywords that optimize your website to rank highly in search results for the keywords most beneficial to your therapy practice.

Keyword selection is critical because it doesn’t help a marriage counselor get cognitive behavior therapy leads. Or a therapist specializing in women’s counseling to get inquiries from men looking for counseling.

And since it doesn’t help any psychotherapist if they get leads from people looking for free counseling, we minimize those leads by filtering out keywords containing modifiers like free, cheap, and bargain.

And by carefully choosing keywords with high buying intent relevant to the types of conditions you are best suited to treat and your preferred methods of treatment, we can help you build a client base that’s best suited to your practice.

Another less obvious way we can help through proper keyword selection is to help you grow your private pay client base, reducing your needs related to accepting insurance. With low and slow payouts, time-consuming paperwork, and client privacy concerns, many therapists prefer to deal with private pay clients instead of clients coming to their practice through insurance companies.

Generally, the main reason that many therapists accept insurance is that they can’t stay busy enough through their marketing efforts.

And in a perfect world, many therapists would prefer not to go through the hassle of getting credentialed for insurance panels or the hoops they often have to jump through for the carrier just to get paid. Insurance companies also pay less than private pay clients. And a therapist sometimes has to wait months for payment.

There is also less privacy. Because when someone uses insurance to pay for therapy, the therapist must provide the diagnosis and treatment notes to the insurance company to get paid.

This disclosure undermines the basic premise of treatment and gives many more people access to private health information about their clients.

The problem has always been that while many potential private pay clients are looking for therapy, if your counseling practice doesn’t have an effective digital marketing plan, they probably won’t find you.

Effective digital marketing could be the way to significantly reduce your need for insurance clients or even get off of the insurance panels for good.

Another way we can help your practice grow is to increase your base of teletherapy clients. With the stress of the current and (hopefully, finally winding down) pandemic, more people than ever need counseling.

And since many of the people seeking counseling are interested in online therapy, this provides a significant growth opportunity.

We have substantial experience in helping our clients rank for keywords related to online counseling. So if you are looking to grow your teletherapy client base, we should talk.

Digital Marketing for Therapists

While we consider SEO to be the cornerstone of all digital marketing strategies, we are a full-service digital marketing agency. So, in addition to SEO, there are many ways that we can help you with marketing (and growing) your mental health practice.

SMM (social media marketing) immediately comes to mind. Once most useful for engagement, social media has become increasingly influential as a lead generation platform.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform, we can help you with your SMM. With packages that include regular posting to your social media accounts.

Since we also have a certified ad specialist on hand to help with any ad campaigns you are interested in running, we are a one-stop shop for your social media marketing needs.

Furthermore, social signals have themselves become a ranking factor for SEO. Which even further increases the importance of social media.

Content marketing, a subset of SEO, is also highly effective in generating leads and growing a practice. Content marketing is typically part of an SEO campaign, as blog posts and guest posts are forms of content marketing.

And while the ROI isn’t typically as high as with organic search, PPC (pay per click) marketing can be highly effective as well. For a practice with a significant budget, Google Ads and Bing Ads can be a great choice.

PPC ads can be especially beneficial when a therapist is just starting their marketing, as these “instant leads” can bring new clients to the practice while their SEO campaign is spooling up.

Online reviews are also critical, as they help with search rankings and the conversion of leads into clients. We understand the ethical concerns psychotherapists face regarding requesting reviews from clients. And we have developed ways to help you build your online review portfolio without compromising ethics or violating either state regulations or Google’s Terms of Service.

Website Design for Therapists

Website Design for Therapists

Websites can make a huge difference in how many site visitors turn into clients. In fact, web design is crucial to your online marketing success. Counseling websites need to be attractive, responsive, informative, and intuitive. They also need to load quickly and be secure.

And it’s hard to believe, but in 2021, I still occasionally run across a therapy website without SSL security. Since an insecure site often causes visitors to leave a website immediately, many never come back, and since it’s a potential HIPAA violation, this is amazing to me.

We have a group of talented web developers on our team with considerable experience in website design for therapists. And we can update your current site or build you a brand new site that will help turn site visitors into new clients.

Why Choose NewStar SEO

We are a member of a select group of digital agencies that specialize in both marketing for therapists and local SEO marketing, including the Google Maps 3-Pack.

We are experts at practice marketing. And we can help you grow your therapy practice by setting up an effective marketing campaign optimized for psychotherapists.

We have direct knowledge of the keywords prospective clients use when looking for counseling. And how to optimize those keywords for the best possible local search rankings.

And we are also highly effective in creating and structuring content on your website to provide the best chance to convert a site visitor to a client.

We have an impressive track record of proven results. And we have helped our clients rank highly for thousands of search terms.

We even have a working knowledge of mental health conditions and the ways they are treated. So you don’t have to spend a bunch of your time educating us on how to tell your prospective clients best how you can help them.

You probably found this page by doing a Google search like SEO for therapy practice, grow counseling, how to get private pay therapy clients or therapists websites.

If so, you already have a good idea of how SEO works. And if you are looking for a way to grow your counseling practice, we can help. So contact us today, so we can show you some of the impressive results we have been able to achieve for our clients and how we can apply the same tools and techniques for the growth of your practice.

Why Choose NewStar SEO

As you can probably tell, we are very proud of our SEO achievements. Let us know if you are interested in more details on how NewStar SEO can achieve great results for your company too.