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Grow Your Business with PR Services

Many small businesses completely ignore press releases as a way to reach their target audiences.

After all, unless you are innovating new products, what is newsworthy about your business? This is how many business owners think, and it restricts their reach.

The reality is that there are press-worthy things that happen all the time in the normal course of business and warrant distributing press releases.

Why Get a Press Release?

While what happens in your company may not be events you would find in the evening news; they are still noteworthy to the right audience. Press releases can be a potent tool for promoting your company and obtaining widespread coverage of your company’s news. This news may include new products, new partnerships, major new contracts, and more. However, many people don’t realize that a press release can also be a powerful tool to increase website search rankings. And being an SEO agency, we have a special focus on the amazing power of an SEO press release. In fact, I know of no other way to get such a large number of totally white hat backlinks from major, high DA websites than with a press release.

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How It Works

First, you need to determine the events you will use as your focus for your press release for SEO. Once you know that, you need someone skilled in press release writing. There are a specific format and style for a press release, so you want to be sure you get it right.

Each press release should include not only title tags and the body copy but also some quotes, including from yourself. The goal is to present the facts without a lot of marketing hype. Rather, it focuses on the facts of the event and why it matters to your audience. A press release also includes contact information, including your phone number and email address.

Once your release is written, you need to get it out across the internet, which is the point of PR distribution services. However, you have to decide whether you will attempt to send your release to individual media outlets or use a syndicated press release service.

Press release distribution services send your press releases to hundreds of various sources, from large to small. You write and submit your release once, along with any images associated with it, and they then publish your press release.

As various news outlets pick up your release, you should start seeing some changes in your Google Analytics reports. This may be in the form of referrals, increased organic traffic, and changes in your search rankings.

Each media outlet that picks up your release through the news wire services and publishes it creates a new link back to your website. These links are still essential ranking factors and are a significant part of how the search engines rank authority.

Where Your PR Will Be Distributed

One of the major concerns about many backlinking strategies is whether search engines will approve of the links or penalize you for them. Links from legitimate news outlets are considered very authoritative by most search engines.

When you use the best press release service, all of your links come from reputable sources, meaning they carry authority with them. Some of the best syndication options include PR Newswire and Business Wire press release services.

These services allow you to choose the level to which you need your SEO press release to be distributed. Being not all businesses need the same level of reach. This is a great way to help get the benefit from press releases while also controlling the costs. The wider and more specialized your syndication, the more it will cost, so working with a digital marketing agency that understands what you need will help control your costs.

There are many channels available when it comes to where your press release will actually be distributed. There are the obvious mass news outlets like the major news publications and local news organizations. However, then you can then specialize down to various niche markets, such as science, technology, health, travel, and more.

The world of Internet Marketing has changed things, and many influential bloggers use Press Releases to get news to share with their audience. Many syndication services have various blogs that are part of their distribution network, which are often forgotten as part of the new media.

Then there is the world of social media, and getting attention from influencers across various social platforms. The best press release service takes all of these into account to ensure you are getting a broad distribution for your press release.

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Press Release For Seo

Press Release for SEO

Press releases and SEO go hand in hand to help build the authority of any website. Once you have your website developed, have good content, and have optimized all of the technical aspects, you are only beginning the work of SEO.

A major part of the on-going work to increase your website search rankings is developing a large portfolio of authoritative backlinks. Like a powerful stock portfolio, you cannot rely on just a large volume to do the work for you. Rather, you get more impact by targeting authoritative websites that have a similar target audience.

This is where PR distribution demonstrates its power. Your links go out to a variety of websites, which all link back to your site. These give you a high volume of links, relatively quickly, from reputable sites.

Understanding how the distribution service works is important because some generate “nofollow” links, preventing search engines from following the link back to your website. This effectively negates the impact of the campaign on your SEO efforts.

Your press release writing style is also an important factor in providing the most benefit to your search engine optimization. Basically, almost anyone can write a press release. But if your release is not engaging or is full of hype rather than substance, you will limit the overall reach to just the syndicated press service. And like any piece of content on your site, it is best written by a professional who understands not only the technical components but also the psychology of content.

Why Choose Us for Your Press Releases

NewStar SEO is a professional search engine optimization and digital marketing agency. Our focus is to develop more leads and sales for companies of all sizes across every industry. Our team’s vast experience means you are not limited by just one consultant who is really good at a single tactic of SEO.

Our PR distribution services include our expert writers developing your press releases before they are distributed. We partner with some of the most prominent press release distribution services in the world. And through these partnerships, we can provide a top-quality, syndicated press service at affordable pricing to even small businesses.

And included in our pricing is comprehensive keyword research. To make sure you will receive the best possible press release for SEO purposes. We even review your website to make sure we recommend the best possible backlink structure. This is why NewStar SEO is a great choice for your press release. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create and publish a great press release to help your business grow and prosper.

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As you can probably tell, we are very proud of our SEO achievements. Let us know if you are interested in more details on how NewStar SEO can achieve great results for your company too.