Proven Results

Here are just a few examples of the type of results we at NewStar SEO regularly achieve. While these are all actual results from real clients, we have chosen to omit specifically identifiable information to protect our client’s privacy. However, we are very proud of our SEO achievements. And if you are interested in achieving similar results for your website, we would love to discusses these results in greater detail. And even more importantly, a specific plan, with the goal of providing great SEO results for you too.

NewStar SEOWAF is a distributor of floating docks and boat lifts in SE Florida. They were using another SEO Agency for almost six months and were pretty disappointed with the results. Within 90 days of NewStar SEO taking over their SEO Campaign, visitors to their site more than doubled. And they went from having no keywords ranking in the top 50 positions to 10 keywords in the top three positions on Google. They are also now ranked in the top three in the Google Local Pack in a number of search terms.

SEO campaignOOM is a marine contractor in South Florida. Since initiating their SEO campaign four months ago we have increased site visits by over 400%. We also already have five of their keywords in the top five positions on Google and have them ranked in the top three positions in the Google Local Pack for several search terms.

LawLOHMS is a personal injury law firm in North/Central Texas, not too far from Dallas. They were paying $750/month for SEO efforts and seeing mediocre results. Personal injury law is one of the most competitive fields in SEO, with many firms paying $2000/month or more for their SEO services. However, do to the fact they are located in a small market, we felt we could achieve good results for them with a package priced at $599/month. Within six months, traffic to their site more than doubled. We had them in the number one, two or three position in the Google Local Pack on five different search terms.  Also, they were ranked in the one of top three organic search positions for five keywords as well. Moving forward to September 2018, they have 24 keywords with a first place ranking and an additional 16 keywords ranked in the top 10.

HomeMSCH is a residential real estate agent in a mid-size city in Colorado. There were limitations in the on-page SEO optimization capabilities of the website template that was provided to him by his broker’s real estate franchise. Because of this, we determined that it made sense from an SEO standpoint to build him a new website. For less than $1500 we designed and built him a beautiful WordPress website.  Included in the price was live feed to the MLS and a mortgage calculator with real time mortgage rates. Within four months of launching the new site, visitors are up over 300% and we have a number of keywords ranking in the top 10 of Google.