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Website Design | Content Generation | CRM | Lead Generation

NewStar helps companies turn ideas into business using the Internet by offering a full range of Internet Services.  Our team includes experienced industry executives and qualified engineers.

If you are doing business on the Internet, we can help … We’ve done, and do, everything a business needs to do on the Internet!

Website Design

Websites are the foundation to doing business on the Internet.  Sites must be appealing, informative and functional for the business they represent.  They are where you start doing business on the Internet.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Basic, basic and basic.  We do CRM in our sleep, out of a “can” or customized.  If you have customers in your business you simply need CRM.  The benefits are huge, the investment is small.


On-Line shopping is here to stay.  If you’re a seller you’re almost required to be in the eCommerce business.  We can show you how to set up your little store or giant marketplace while avoiding mistakes along the way.

Content Generation

Content is critical.  Good content creates knowledge transfer.  A superb and interesting business isn’t anything without great content.  We write great content.

Reporting and Analytics

NewStar is results driven.  We provide standard and custom reports to ensure that Internet Marketing Campaigns are met or exceeded.  We are experts in the use of Google Analytics to provide monthly, daily or dynamic Internet Activity reports.

Lead Management

Whether you buy leads or generate leads, they are expensive and valuable.  They need to be managed.  We have the tools and skills to manage leads from any source and maximize their value for your business.

Pay per Click

Google Adwords and other pay-per-click techniques are big business.  A campaign done properly can provide great returns, done poorly, it’s a waste of time and money.  We can help you do it properly.

Application Development

“There’s an app for that” is hardly ever true.  If there was then your business would be using it now.  We can fix that.  We love writing custom apps.  Our strength is managing dynamic data and lots of it.

Project Management

Project Management, or PM, is an application to manage the work flow, or “project”, of any business.  No matter what your business does it can be done better will an efficient and time saving Project Management utility.