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NewStar helps companies turn ideas into business using the Internet by offering a full range of Internet Services.  Our team includes experienced industry executives and qualified engineers.

If you are doing business on the Internet, we can help … We’ve done, and do, everything a business needs to do on the Internet!

Nationwide SEO

Nationwide SEO, also called National SEO or just SEO is a two-step process. It consists of on page optimization, which includes titles, tags, formatting, videos, pictures and graphs where appropriate and of course, high quality written content. Along with the on-page SEO efforts, we also perform off-page tasks such as link-building, social media posts and directory listings. Also, tools such as videos, infographics, press releases and blog posts can all be very beneficial to search rankings and can be used both on your website and posted off-page on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

One thing that separates a good SEO from a bad one is the ability to determine how to use all the tools available, to most effectively implement your SEO campaign. This will vary depending on a number of factors, such as their client’s industry, location, competition and available resources.

And because we at NewStar SEO believe in total transparency with our clients, so we offer detailed descriptions, including pricing of our standard packages. However, we are always flexible enough to modify the specific services to provide you with the best possible SEO campaign for your specific needs.

A properly designed and implemented SEO campaign is critical to the success of your business.  SEO is proven, efficient and cost effective.  And properly maintained, it can continue to generate leads and help you grow your business for years to come.

Social Media Setup

Are you interested in getting social media accounts set-up but don’t have the time? Or the patience? Or do your eyes kind of glaze over every time you start the project? No worries, we can help. The team at NewStar SEO has done social media account set-up for many, many companies.

Our standard social media set-up package includes setting-up your account, producing great graphics headers, linking to your website and social media account optimizing for the following sites:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Google Plus
– YouTube
– Pinterest

And our enhanced social media set-up package adds Instagram and LinkedIn to the standard package. Bringing the total up to seven social media sites.

Social Media Posting

Okay, now your social media presence is complete. But what about content? NewStar SEO can help here too. We can do relevant, customized, industry appropriate social media networks. We can post on a daily, every other day or bi-monthly schedule.

Content we can compile or create and post to your social media sites includes:

Blog Entries
Public Service Messages
Tips and Tricks
Customer Reviews
Press Releases
And Much More…

Social Media Ads

If your social media presence is established, but you would like to see more traffic, likes, leads and business from it. NewStar SEO can help make this happen.

Our SMM (social media marketing) experts are Google Adwords certified and well versed with all aspects of SMM. Whatever your goal is, NewStar SEO can help.

Here are some of the ways we can help you boost your business with social media:

Boosting Post(s)
Increasing Likes
Banner Ads
Enhancing Brand Awareness
Setting-up Customer Chat/Support
Encouraging Reviews from Your Customers

Local SEO

SEO is critically important for the success of your business. According to Google, 80% of users search online for local businesses. And while there are many similarities between local SEO and nationwide SEO there are also some significant differences. First and foremost is the value of being included in the Google Local 3-Pack. Also known as Google my Business and just GMB, this is a coveted section that includes the top three local search results, along with their locations on Google Maps. As you can imagine this is incredibly powerful, as the Google Local 3-Pack results are highlighted, linked to Google Maps and the first thing a user sees after the AdWords ads. Due to value of 3-pack listing, it’s important that the SEO provider you choose has a strong history of providing results here.

Also, citation accuracy is more important with local SEO than with nationwide SEO.  If the company’s NAP (name address and phone number) don’t match exactly everywhere on the Internet, it will negatively impact the website’s search rankings. This is true of every citation, whether it be on a directory, social media or anywhere else on the Internet.

As is optimizing your site for mobile search, which is used more extensively on local SEO searches than with nationwide SEO. In fact, studies have shown that up to 60% of local SEO searches are mobile searches. And what makes voice search especially important is that according to Google, 50% of users who do a local search on mobile visit the business within 24 hours.