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About Us

NewStar delivers top-quality Digital Marketing Services at some of the best prices in the industry.  We help level the playing field by providing state of the art SEO to SMB (small and medium size business) at prices they can afford.  We use White Hat result oriented techniques to deliver search engine rankings that last.  And to protect our clients from Google penalties caused by Black Hat SEO.  

We know how to increase website traffic, search engine ranking, leads and conversions.  And we know how to do this for our clients in a cost-effective manner.  In short, we do everything we can to make sure money our clients spend with us is an investment that generates a significant positive return. Not an expense.  A positive return on your investment is our primary objective!

We are made up of entrepreneurs like you with experience in many industries from very small to extremely large.  We’ve learned a lot about a lot of things over the years and we are committed to utilize our knowledge and experience to help you succeed with your business.

Return on Investment

Our digital marketing campaigns are designed to be as cost effective as possible.  We place a special focus on SEO, because it offers the best possible return on investment of your marketing dollars. But we realize that every situation is different. And when the need arises, we will not hesitate to recommend a PPC (pay per click) campaign.  Or to place more emphasis on Social Media.  We are here to help you determine the best way to spend your marketing budget.  So, you will make more money!  And our goal is always to provide Internet Marketing Services that cost less (much less) than the income generated.  

The result is positive Return on Investment.

You can analyze your return on investment here, with our ROI Calculator:

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