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Social Media Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that social media was something left for kids, and many companies scoffed at the idea of investing their marketing budgets into such a “fad.” This is much the same way that many companies scoffed at any kind of Internet Marketing back in the 1990s.

However, Internet marketing has now overtaken most forms of “traditional” marketing, and social media represents a sizable portion of that amount. Companies have been spending an average of about 12% of their budgets on SMM services. And for a small business with gross revenues under $25 million, the average is nearly 15%. And many estimates suggest this will rise to around 25% by 2024.

Why Social Media is Important

In 2020 alone, 1.3 million new users were signing up to social networks daily. It is estimated that over 50% of users use it to research products and seek peer recommendations. Part of what this means is that whether your company has an account or not, there is likely a presence. The question is whether you want to have any influence over that presence.

One of the powers of social media is the ability to precisely target a custom audience, regardless of whether you service other businesses or provide consumer products. However, the true benefit to your business goes well beyond simply being able to reach your target audience.

One of the common uses of social media is to aid in customer service. People commonly take to social media to ask questions, lodge complaints or seek resolutions. If you are not actively listening to what people are saying, you will miss the opportunity to maintain your company’s reputation.

Beyond the direct impact it has on your business, social media also plays an important role in your SEO strategy. Search engines understand social media’s role and now use social signals as part of their ranking algorithm. If you neglect this important aspect of your marketing campaigns, you will be playing with a handicap.

Social Media Accounts Creation

Social Media Account Creation

It is easy to create an account as long as you have an email address. However, just because you can register an account does not mean it will be effective and draw more business for your company. This is why working with a professional SMM specialist to help with the setup is important. Many social media marketing packages include creating your account to ensure it is professionally branded and ready to cultivate the interactions you need. First, it means setting up a business profile, which is different from personal profiles on almost all platforms. It also means a properly sized logo, well-designed cover image, effectively linked to your website and business information, and great use of the call-to-action button, just to name a few things.

Social Media Management & Social Media Posting

If you have a social media page or profile but do not have do not post regularly or listen carefully, it will be for naught. The challenge is to manage social media accounts without being sucked into all the chatter and distraction. You can try to do this in-house. You can hire a professional Facebook page post manager, but then you have the expense of another employee who will only be focused on a small aspect of your business. You can also tap an existing employee to act as a Facebook post manager, but does that person have the expertise to deliver a proper social marketing campaign? There is a lot more to effectively marketing to social media platforms than just being a post scheduler. Furthermore, you also have the expense of social media management tools. Sure, there are some rudimentary tools on some platforms, but it will take training and time to learn how to use them in addition to understanding the meaning of the numbers. When you work with a professional social media marketing company, many of the social media management pricing packages include some level of analytics. These analytics reports give you a sense of how your company is performing. Beyond measuring what you are doing, some social media management pricing packages will have an SMM specialist post on social for you. This alleviates your need to try to generate your own content or make the time to get it posted.

Social Media Management & Social Media Posting
Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Advertising

With so much noise on social media, getting your message in front of the right eyes can be challenging. This is where Facebook advertising begins. The advertising platform is for Instagram marketing as well, increasing your possible reach. Properly used by a trained expert, the Facebook Ads Manager has the ability to create multiple ad sets with different or lookalike audiences. And used with the Facebook pixel, Facebook Ads can precisely target not only gender, age, and ook location, but also interests, buying habits, income size, and more.

Facebook and Instagram advertising also allows for a social media boost to help expand your content reach. A social media boost has the sole purpose of helping get your posts in front of more eyes.

If your business provides products or services to other businesses, you may consider the power available in LinkedIn B2B marketing. Marketing on LinkedIn is highly effective in reaching decision-makers of B2B companies. The ads capability allows you to target companies by size and industry, as well as certain levels of decision-makers within the company. An experienced social media consultant knows how to leverage each platform and its advertising capability to meet the needs of your business.

Why Work With Us

While the primary focus at NewStar SEO may be search engine optimization, our team understands the overlap between SEO and social media. This is why we go beyond what is commonly thought of as SEO and also provide highly effective social media marketing packages.

Our SMM services include:

  • Account Setup
  • Facebook and Instagram Management Service
  • Instagram and Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn B2B Marketing

The experts at NewStar SEO can help you make the most of your social media campaign. Our social media marketing consultants help you gain the full breadth of benefits from your social marketing campaign.

Why Choose NewStar SEO

As you can probably tell, we are very proud of our SEO achievements. Let us know if you are interested in more details on how NewStar SEO can achieve great results for your company too.