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Content. It’s essential to search rankings. In fact, its importance is rivaled only by relevant, high-quality backlinks.

And by the way, do you know what drives the most high-quality backlinks? If you guessed content, you are correct.

Not only is engaging, relevant, and informative content critical to getting visitors to your website.

Website copywriting also has the task of driving visitors to a website and then converting them from a site visitor to a prospect, starting them down the sales funnel.

According to SEO copywriting is the process of planning, creating and optimizing content with the primary goal of ranking in search engines.

And content creation is critical to the success of any online marketing effort.

In fact, in many cases, your website’s content is the first impression a prospect has of your company. And we all know how important first impressions are.

However, the creation of great content is difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating.

And even if you are the exceedingly rare combination of a gifted writer with extensive knowledge of the topic, with a bunch of free time on your hands. There is still the keyword factor.

And if a keyword is used too many times, it can also hurt rankings. This process is known as keyword stuffing. Because if the right target keywords are not properly included, the page still won’t rank.

Since ranking the page in SERP results in the main reason for writing the content in the first place, many businesses leave content creation to an experienced website content writer.

In fact, content creation is the foundation for all of the other components of a successful online marketing campaign.

Yes, a good web content writer can literally be the difference between failure and success.

Importance of Written Content

The Importance of Written Content

Whatever your business does, content is the key to your online marketing success.

And with search engines like Google and Bing getting smarter with each algorithm update, you need content that’s useful, clear, and engaging.

The content also needs to have a strong call to action to compel your reader to take action.

So whether you are looking for additional web copy, an SEO blog writing service, looking for social media content creation, or something else, we have a web copywriter that can help.

If you are still not convinced, below are five critical benefits of well-written content:

Delivers Your Message:

Providing relevant information to your prospects is essential to establish and maintain a sustained relationship with your target market.

And it’s the combination of engaging, useful, and SEO-friendly content, coupled with an effective off-page SEO strategy that drives targeted traffic to a website.

Perfect Content Means Better Search Rankings

Helps Your Rank:

Your content is the cornerstone of all SEO-related activities. It is content that makes the difference between a website that ranks on the first page and a site that remains stuck on page 3 or 4 of search results.

Any SERP analyzer will show that Google places a very high value on content, and the more relevant, helpful, and specific your content is, the higher you will rank in the search results.

By delivering value, you prove to Google that your site is worthy of a high ranking in their search results.

Creates User Interaction:

Google monitors your website’s level of interaction to determine the value it’s providing to your site visitors.

The more user interaction there is with your site, the higher it will rank.

The primary reason visitors stay on and interact with a site is that they find it useful. This is just another reason content is so important.

User Interaction scaled
Free Publicity

Free Publicity:

Newspapers, online magazines, and authoritative blogs love to write about new startups, services, and products.

When your content is compelling, the likelihood that it will be shared by sites like these or through social media increases dramatically.

This helps with both credibility and exposure. Which, again, will improve your search rankings and attract new prospects to your business.

Aids Your Links Building:

Another primary factor that determines your rank is your backlink profile. And content creation efforts can even help you with this.

If you target the right blogs and websites, your website is significantly more likely to develop a stronger online presence.

This, in turn, helps in driving even more targeted traffic to your website through the backlinks.

This is just another way that content creation is a chief driver of organic traffic.

However, content creation isn’t easy. Things like proper keyword selection and mapping take time to achieve proficiency.

So does integration keywords into the content, so it sounds natural.

Fortunately, professional content creation is as easy as hiring NewStar SEO to take care of this for you.

Link Building
SEO Copywriting Service

Why Use an SEO Copywriting Service?

A professional copywriting service like NewStar SEO can make a tremendous difference to the success of your business and its online marketing.

Our team has the experience only gained by writing thousands of articles to help businesses like yours rank highly in search results.

With this experience, coupled with AI-enhanced content optimization platforms like Surfer SEO and SEMrush Writing Assistant, we are a terrific choice to help your website traffic (and your company) grow.

So whether you are looking for additional web copy, an SEO blog writing service, or social media content creation, we have a web copywriter that can help.

We can always provide you with well-versed and highly targeted content to help you grow.

But if you are still not convinced why you need the services of professional copywriters, consider the following advantages that we can offer to your business:

The Content Creation Process

There’s no question that the biggest challenge in writing SEO-friendly content is creating engaging content that ranks in search results.

And to write compelling, SEO-optimized content, the writer must create engaging SEO-optimized content that is both Google Optimized and engaging for readers.

This is because it does no good if there’s great content that no one will ever read because it doesn’t rank in search results. Or if there is content that ranks but is painful to read because the writer was trying to achieve search rankings without regard for the content’s readability.

Great SEO optimized content is written with both search engines and humans in-mind.

Why Choose NewStar SEO

Why Use NewStar SEO For Your Content

NewStar SEO is a leading SEO article writing service provider. We have provided superior content creation and SEO services to many businesses. Helping them improve their search ranking and conversion rates.

And with a pool of experienced professional writers whose sole aim is to create high quality, original and SEO-friendly content.

We can help you reach your online marketing goals whether you are looking for blog posts or are a social media marketer that needs content for your social media platforms.

So if you are looking for a great content creation service, we can help.

Contact us today to get started down the road to higher rankings.

As you can probably tell, we are very proud of our SEO achievements. Let us know if you are interested in more details on how NewStar SEO can achieve great results for your company too.